Ostuni, City of art, is certainly one of the most beautiful cities of Puglia (Apulia). Is situated on the latest Murge (the hills of Puglia), and is at about six kilometers from the sea that dominates from a height of 229 metres. The white color of the houses that form the historical center is due to lime, which for centuries is used for painting the walls of the village. White City is another appellative of Ostuni, to which this site is dedicated. In recent years, the great tourist development has produced the birth of hotels, farm holidays, pensions, with possibility of the spend vacations in Residence, Bed and Breakfast, but also the rent of houses for the holidays by private individuals. You can see the movies (the complete list) and the pictures about the old city also from the top, the sea, the evocative "Cavalcade of St. Oronzo", the coast, the Trulli. Still, movies of panoramic on Ostuni, the alleys of the historical center, the wonderful olive trees, the Cathedral, the typical kitchen and so on. A journey in the history, in the traditions, among the monuments, of one of the most beautiful historical centres of Italy, visited by thousands of tourists every year visiting it to breathe the air of medieval Old Town. Ostuni is suggested to spend a period of quiet vacation also for its stupendous geographical position. The traditions are deeply rooted. The “Cavalcata of St. Oronzo” is the most important manifestation of religion in Ostuni. happens, the 25, 26 and 27 of August in honour of the patron saint. Also the annual visit to the Sanctuary of Saint Biagio, is a tradition to which the inhabitants of Ostuni participate with devotion every 3 of February. The history of Ostuni consists of invasions and of domination that alternated in the course of centuries. The symbol of the city is the obelisk of Saint Oronzo, located in Libertà square. Ostuni is all a monument that, we could say, it encloses many others in it. For example the beautiful portals, sanctuaries, the walls and towers that surround the White City, the churches. In the territory of Ostuni is also possible to make archaeological discoveries at international level, as the woman of Ostuni, very important finding of skeletons of a mother with the fetus in the womb. In this web site, also, you will find: antique photos that show a beautiful ancient Ostuni, artists of Ostuni, movies and photos sent by visitors, shifts of pharmacies and petrol pumps. Furthermore, a series of 15 short movies comedians, finalists to “Massimo Troisi” Festival, made by the author of this site. Good navigation.